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Why Fine Art Nude…

The Fine Art Nude

One only need to study the great artists of the past and the iconic classic images and sculptures they created to understand the timeless quest to capture the beauty of the female form in the expression of the fine art nude.

Majestic examples include paintings like the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, The Birth of Venus 1863 by Cabanel, Nude Maja by DeGoya, Allegory of Sculpture by Klimt, Venus of Urbino by Titian and Twilight by Bouguereau.  Other examples in photography include Self Portrait with Wife and Models by Helmut Newton, Nude Zebra by Lucien Clergue, Georgia O’Keeffe Torso by Alfred Stieglitz and Nude in Doorway by Edward Weston.

The Photographer’s Quest

The quest of the photographer is not only to capture a moment in time, but also to capture the essence of that moment, to elicit the space, time and emotion of the moment.

The female form perfectly transforms light and shadow into the most exquisite visual journeys and if we are lucky, the emotion of the moment.